Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hayley Shephard, South Georgia

Hayley originally from N.Z now living on Vancouver Island is attempting a circumnavigation of South Georgia Island. She is heading out in early 2010 and has chosen a Necky Looksha 4 to do it in. I believe she will be the first person to solo around the island. You can check out her website and blog with the links below. She is raising money to save the Albatross as they are rapidly disappearing because of long line fishing.

"South Georgia - an exceptionally isolated, storm torn island, stands ultimately alone in the middle of the Southern Ocean, its nearest neighbor 1400km away. Treacherous seas constantly batter the coastal rocks and ridges, and fearless animals generously congregate on the few accessible beaches, taking shelter from the savage winds. As hostile, as dangerous, and as foreboding as it feels, South Georgia's charm, it's dramatic and ruggedly stunning beauty, has a power that I will be forever drawn to. And I shall not rest until I have seen the intimacy of it all."
- Hayley Shephard

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