Friday, August 21, 2009

Early Days of flat Hulls

This is some early footage from the Rip and Jive era. I love this footage as you can really see the edges of the hulls carving and pushing a lot of water around. This is something modern play boats don't do as well. The white boat in the movie is a Groovy surf boat which was super fun out there. Skookumchuck and surfing on the ocean were my inspiration to do the flat hulls. We just got to use the waters energy to get speed. Next we gotta start doing that for touring, ocean swells have a lot of energy. The other guys in the movie are my good friends Mike Druce who made the movie and is now Head Slalom Coach in Australia and Keith Klapstein who can paddle anything any time whether it is class five , surf, national slalom team, canoe trips oh yes he also paddled 900 miles around the Queen Charlotte Islands.

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