Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kayak Noise - Jon Turk

Paddling the Vanuatu chain....

Jon Turk paddles along the Vanuatu Islands in the South Pacific in a sit on top kayak, making long crossings on the open sea. Jon finds friendship and adventure as he passes from island to island. ...

We will be paddling Ocean Kayak Prowlers, generously provided by my major sponsor, Johnson Outdoors. I believe that sit-on-tops are not only fun for warm-water recreation but also they are the best kayaks on the market for serious open ocean adventures in tropical waters. We plan to spend many days at sea and I know that I would get cramped in a cockpit boat. We will relish the stability, speed, agility and the ability to wiggle around, all offered by the Ocean Kayak Prowler.

It's amazing, we think of sit on tops as rec boats but Jon has done many serious crossing in exposed conditions. You can check out more at his site

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  1. John Turk is really the man!
    I went to his channel and became a YouTube friend of him :D