Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kayak Noise - Gary Seaman

Stand Up Paddleboards.........

We have been been working on paddleboards for the last couple years and recently did the Nalu for Ocean Kayak one of the first rotomolded paddleboards on the market. It has been received really well and provides an inexpensive entry in to paddleboarding.

We have done a lot of research along the way. One of the main resources for this is Gary Seaman he is a designer and shaper in R&D. Gary's back ground is not just having shaped kayaks for many years. He grew up shaping surfboards professionally in California and then was one of the driving forces in the windsurfing revolution. Gary has such a wealth of knowledge and experince it is a real education to work with him.

This is Gary with his latest board. I have not had chance to surf it yet but all who have rave about it. One very distinctive feature is the old school 50/50 rail which makes it forgiving but still very responsive.

We are learning more and more along the way with this development that I'm sure we will start to put some of what we have learnt into kayak design.

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