Thursday, March 18, 2010

kayak Noise - Flat Hull Seakayaks


So after the experiment with the stand up board (see first posting titled Flat Hull seakayaks) I decided to make a 14ft boat with a flat bottom. As you can see it looks like a surf boat just much longer. These are pictures of the computer model. With me in it (200lbs) I have 2" of draft. Most sea kayaks have 4" to 5". I hope I can still cruise a long easily at 3/4 knots but I hope I will be able to catch swell way more easily and be much faster than a regular sea kayak. I guess we'll see. I also hope to be able to surf in to the beach with out going sideways like sea kayaks do which is pretty lame.


  1. Spike, keep working on the viper. It sounds fascinating.! You built a stingray for me about 9 years ago when you lived in Chilliwack. It is still my favourite surf kayak. I have a Rush and it doesn't compare for surfing the west coast. I have a Chatham 18 too. Love your designs. Ok get this Viper going!!!!!!!
    John Van der Flier

  2. Spike, your 14 ft design incorporates several improvements that Vladimir Vanha might have included if he had done a Noah Magma II, such as sharper edges, flatter bottom, more bow volume, less stern, etc. The links below show the 12' 6" Noah Magma, which appeared around 1980. Mine is one of few surviving. Fast, but strange handling in whitewater.
    rear quarter