Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kayak Noise - What's your boat made from

Stitched Composites.....

Our composite boats have been well received one of the reasons for this is the materials we use. In all the Chathams and Lookshas and doubles we use a stitched fabric rather than woven fabric. Stitched fabric is fiberglass that is stitched together at 45 degrees rather than woven. When stitched material is manufactured the fibers are not damaged as much as they are when they are woven. This makes the material retain more of it's original strength and stiffness. You can see here how the 2 layers of glass fibers are laid down at 45 degrees and the horizontal lines are the stitches that hold them together. This is Soric it is the core material we use in the layup it adds a ton of stiffness without adding excess wait.Stitched fabric also comes in Carbon.

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