Friday, August 6, 2010

Kayak Noise - Retail Dealer conference

Dealers get to check out 2011 designs....

A couple of weeks ago we had our dealer conference. This is where the dealers get a sneak peak at our new boats for 2011. The conference was at Stone Mountain which is near Atlanta Georgia. It was ridiculously hot but everyone braved the temperature to paddle the new boats. They seemed to be well received I heard a lot of positive feedback.
One thing I love about these conferences is to get a chance to talk to dealers as they always have so many ideas of new boats and improvements to boats. I wish we had time and money to do them all. So a big thanks to all you dealers who took the opportunity to throw your ideas out there it is so interesting and appreciated. Keep it coming.

New Camden for Old Town it comes in a 12ft version and a 10ft version.

Bow of the Camden and the new Necky Vector sit on top.Below is the Vector as well.

I was there to do a short presentation on our design process and kayak design. It seemed to go OK. Well no one fell asleep or heckled. Here are a few photos from the beach. I thought I was melting!
This is Gracie testing out the new Nalu 12.5.
Our first canoe that we have done for Old Town. The Saranac is 14ft long
Serious design talk or maybe I'm making stuff up again.