Friday, October 22, 2010

Kayak Noise - Lots going on

Busy Times in R/D.....

It's that time of year we are full on with lots of new projects. We are cutting boats out on the cnc machine, making prototypes and doing test paddles. This is a great stage of development as each project is up and running and starting to take shape. Some things are working and other not so much and we have to rethink. We always have more ideas than we can actually get done. So quiet often it is about sifting through and trying to pick the best.

Each person in R/D gets to head up projects and see them through to the finish. But everyone gets to throw there opinion into the mix on every project. So no one is doing designs in a vacuum.

One of the new projects is a LV Elite. I'm trying to keep all the great parts of the Elite just in a smaller package. So it will not have as much packing space but this compact version should be really lively and fun to paddle. It has a slightly smaller fit so should be good for med to small paddlers.


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  2. Is one of those white plugs I see in you pictures a Vector 14. Does it have a flat enough bottom with hard chines and rocker so it will surf well? I'm hoping to find a fun sit on top "longboard" for paddling out to the inlets, surfing and then paddling back. Do you have any recommendations? I'm also looking at the RTM Disco, and the the Cobra Revision, but neither one is just what I want.

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