Monday, June 15, 2009

New 17ft'er

We have been working on a new 17ft’er. It will be composite only at this point. We want this boat to be a great trip/expedition boat. I will try to walk you through the stages of development.

These are some of the things we looked at for the first prototype.

Efficient for a long paddle
Glide on flat water
Controllable in rough water and wind
Want to see if we can increase the swell riding potential. May as well use that energy especially on a long paddle
Long waterline for potential speed
Decent amount of rocker for responsiveness

Stable enough for when it gets nasty or your getting tired
Would like to keep the boat 22 or under so you can still have an efficient paddle style. So will most likely put a fairly full chine on the hull

Lots of storage for self supported trips
Maximize storage but still has to be good in the wind and not feel like a bath tub

Comfortable fit but still with great contact for better control
This is going to be a boat that can be paddled in all conditions so a good interface with the paddler is vital

This will be a ruddered boat
Standard Necky rudder, would like to have toe control rather than sliding foot braces

Two large hatches (and bulkheads)
Standard Necky cross lock system. Large opening with quick and easy access with one large buckle. Works even if your hands are cold.

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