Monday, June 29, 2009

Loreto to La Paz, Baja Mexico

This is from a trip we did in 2008 going from La Paz to Loreto in Baja Mexico. It was a pretty plush trip with a support boat and great food we were living the good life for sure. We took a whole range of boats Manitous, lookshas, Elizas and Chathams. The paddlers ranged in experience from novice to advanced. We cruised along at between 2.5knots to 3.5knots when we had a little wind with us. It was interesting that at the beginning of the trip the longer boats were the favorites. As the trip went on it was obvious the shorter boats could keep up no problem they became the go to boats as they were a lot of fun to explore the coast line with. It was great for me from a design stand point to be able to have all these boats on the same trip and be able to switch out so easily. I find I learn the most about boats when I get to jump back and forth from design to design. You really get to feel the subtleties of each one. I’m sure many of you have done this trip as it is a classic but if you haven’t it is well worth it and if you want someone to take you Sea Trek do a great job. We had a writer from Mens Journal with us (I include the link to the article). We weren’t quite sure how that would work out at first but he turned out to be a cool person and a very accomplished waterman. He picked up paddling like a pro and we had him riding swell in no time. In the evening we had fun doing rolling classes and got several people rolling. Hope you like the pictures and once again thanks to Jock Bradley.

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