Monday, October 19, 2009

Kayak Noise- Paddling the Looksha Elite

Hornby Island B.C.............

Paddled the Looksha Elite around Hornby Island. Sunny calm day with no wind. Didn't use the rudder in these condition which is unusual in the Elite for me. I prefer to use the rudder in this boat as I get great glide and responsiveness from the hull since it does not have a strong built in keel (speed brake). I did not race just a steady cruise and it took about 3hrs. I stopped a couple times to drink etc. I was really happy with the boat it glided along beautifully although it is a responsive boat so you need to stay active but you get so much more from a boat like this rather than a tight tracking boat and it's way more fun.

Here are a few stats

Distance 13.8knts/15.87miles/25.55km

Average speed 4.6knts/5.29miles/8.51km

Top speed 6.2knts/7.13miles/11.48km

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  1. Very interesting blog I like the design ideas you have here. I had to look on a larger map to figure out where these places were.

  2. Thanks Tom, this is my first blog so I'm still on the learning curve.