Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kayak Noise - In Thailand

Thailand Production....

I travelled to Thailand this week to visit Cobra the company that is making our composite boats. I was there to see the first production boats of 3 models the new Looksha Elite ( 17ft'r ), the Eliza and the Manitou 14. After 30 years of making composite boats these are some of the nicest I've seen.

It was only 30 -35 degrees this trip which was nice. I was checking over the lay ups and testing the first models of the line. Below you can see the pressure test being done. This makes sure that the storage compartments are air tight.

The Elite is in full production as you can see the boats in progress on the racks. It's always great to see a boat going into production after you have been working on it for a year or so.

After everything was looking good with the boats I managed to get out for a paddle on the Gulf of Thailand. Just did a paddle for a few hours down the coast but it was good to get out. The water as you might expect was incredibly warm. Possibly the warmest water I have paddled on. Warmer than Costa Rica, Malaysia, Hawaii or the Cook Islands.

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